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Technology and Education

Unequal Distribution of Technology
Students' Development
How are Techers Implementing New Technology?
NCLB & Technology
Ethics of Technology in the Classroom

E-Learning and E-Tutoring


      Within the last decade, new technologies have encouraged the involvement of computers and the internet in teaching. E-learning and e-tutoring are amongst some of the most popular ideas, along with distance education. The idea is that by using the computer and the internet you are making information and learning accessible for anyone who, without e-learning and/or distance education, would not be able to have access to such resources. However, if you do not have the proper motivation it can be extremely difficult to take an online class. One program that has become increasing popular with schools is Blackboard. Which is an program used for online classes. It enables to you to log on in your name, discuss classroom material on “blogs,” take online quizzes/tests, and turn in homework via attachments (amongst many other capabilities).