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Technology and Education

Unequal Distribution of Technology
Students' Development
How are Techers Implementing New Technology?
NCLB & Technology
Ethics of Technology in the Classroom
No Child Left Behind and Technolgy

Enhancing Education Through Technology


    Recent efforts by the government have been made to ensure the greater access of these new technologies. The Enhancing Education Through Technology part of the No Child Left Behind Act is a law that was recently passed by president Georege W. Bush. It provides assistance in funds and guidance to improve the knowledge of educators using technology and help incorporate technology into the classroom.

    Technology is becoming incorporated into the classroom, but few realize all of the expenses that go into supporting new technologies. Outside the obvious costs of hardware, you also need to look at the cost of training for the educators, the shifting of using classrooms and computer laboratories, and the time spent learning basic skills of a new program as opposed to learning from the actual curriculum.