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Technology and Education

Unequal Distribution of Technology
Students' Development
How are Techers Implementing New Technology?
NCLB & Technology
Ethics of Technology in the Classroom
How are Techers Implementing New Technology?


         Technology is important to the advancement and improvement of education and we see that the state realizes this through its increased funding of schools and technology advancement programs. But one area that has not been discussed is how are teachers going to actually use this technology? The first aspect of this is that teachers must first learn and become familiar with the new technology themselves. Once they know how to use it, they can utilize it and integrate it into the classrooms. One mistake teachers must not make is to rely on the technology to teach the students. Technology is just tools that teachers use to enhance teaching, not for it to become the teachers. There have been classes where the teacher would turn on a television and give a quiz afterwards without thought or discussion. Every teacher has their own style of teaching so it is up to the individual as to how to optimize the technology and use it to its fullest potential.