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Technology and Education

Unequal Distribution of Technology
Students' Development
How are Techers Implementing New Technology?
NCLB & Technology
Ethics of Technology in the Classroom
Impact of Technology on Students' Development

        When the potential of technology is taken advantage of what sort of impact does this have on the child’s physical, social, and cognitive development? There are positive and negative aspects to each of these areas. Mostly technology is beneficial, when looking at the physical aspect of a child’s development in schools what are children doing most of the time they are in class? They are sitting, there is not much physical movement; putting physical education aside. So the question is does the advancement of technology have a significant impact on the development of children? It does not seem so, at least not enough for it to be a problem or benefit. The social development due to technology has changed. Better communication using the internet has allowed students to learn online, and communicate with other students in group work type projects. This can be beneficial because students get the chance to communicate with other in problem solving situations using this new technology. Some may argue that since classes can be taken online that students will not develop certain social skills. This may be problem, but very small in the great scheme of things. Usually online classes are for those without the time or ability to attend school on a campus. Finally, we look at cognitive development which is how the student’s thinking changes. The age of computers has definitely had an impact on how a student thinks. It almost seems handicapping to do school work without them. To say that the advancement of computers and the internet has not changed our thinking would be ignorant. A computer is a window that a child is exposed to that has an affect on how they view the world. That view may be skewed or bias but a view none the less and would be very different for a child living without these technology advancements.