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Technology and Education

Unequal Distribution of Technology
Students' Development
How are Techers Implementing New Technology?
NCLB & Technology
Ethics of Technology in the Classroom
Ethics of Technology in the Classroom


         The conception of the internet has provided students and teachers alike, easier access to information. It has also been the front-burner of many hot topics since its debut. One issue is that the there is a lot of negative information that can find on places on the internet (for example how to create a bomb or sexually explicit material). Another issue, in regards, to the internet is accessibility of non-reliable resources. It has become far to easy to hop onto a computer and “google” any topic you may doing research for, however anyone can create a website and unless the site has legitimate credentials there are possibilities that the information you are receiving is indeed false. There is also a common problem with copyright infringement. When someone simply copies and pastes from the interenet to their research it is a clear case of plagarism and/or copyright infringement. One last issue, amongst many others, is that of cheating and plagiarism. While completing my research I happened to find a website that allows you to order custom made research papers. Accessibility to these websites are creating controversies of cheating, especially amongst colleges.

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